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The Top Kitchen Countertop Trend for 2019

The Top Kitchen Countertop Trend for 2019



Continuing from the trends of last year, homeowners are leaving generic, speckled countertops behind anVeined Marbled opting for a look with a bit more personality: veining.


Most likely in response to the early 2000s popular trend of densely marked granite that featured high amounts of color variation, there’s been a large shift towards countertops with a more organic, natural look. Veining appears naturally in stones such as marble, or can be artificially manufactured in materials like quartz. As opposed to speckled patterns, veining is usually larger and more randomly placed. It’s no surprise given the prevalence of white kitchens within the past few years that the most popular type features grey veining on a white background.


Veined MarbleThe greatest way to achieve this unique look would be through natural quartzites such as Statuario Quartzite, or through marbles such as Calacatta, which features a bright white background and a large variation in color compared to other marbles. Take time to consider what type of stone would best suit your needs and style. To best draw out the character of these veined countertops, try using them as a focal point either on a kitchen island or as a backsplash.